The ULTIMATE Family Photo Shoot Guide

Booking your shoot, choosing props & outfits, printing options

1. How to Book

It’s as easy as pie (or chocolate cake). Give me a call on 07772294329 or leave me a voice message / Whatsapp with your details so we can get the ball rolling! We normally pick two days - a main day and reserve day in case of rain. The best time to capture your family is one to two hours before sunset, but we will make sure the time suits the whole family’s schedule! I’ll travel to your local park, garden (if spacious enough) or home so it’s convenient for everyone. 

2. Prep

Preparing for a photography session is an exciting part of the shoot, especially for little ones! Bribes, non-messy snacks, and suncream an hour before the shoot if it’s unexpectedly really hot are all essentials. Please also make sure your children are well-fed and rested before the shoot! I’d usually advise planning the clothes and props the day before, so there is no rush on the day. A calm, happy family will translate to relaxed, natural photos. 

Messy snacks to avoid: strawberries, watermelon, yogurt.

Snack ideas to bring: crackers, pretzels, granola, dried fruit, sliced apple, veggie sticks (carrots, cucumbers, peppers), stringy cheese.

3. Props and Activities

Props are by no means essential, and are completely at your discretion! However, a toy can add some cute moments to a few of the photos and help with the prep before to get your little bundles of joy (terror) excited for the shoot. Try and stay away from any plastic toys and gear them towards picking timeless-feel objects such as a bear or bunny. Anything from cuddly toys to a bike, or even a book to reflect the children's interests/hobbies are great props for a few shots. Props also give your children something to look forward to and gives them some control over the shoot.

3a . List of popular props

  • Rocking horse 
  • Balance bike / regular bike / skateboard
  • Picnic / tea party 
  • Wicker basket / old suitcase (as a prop to sit on) 
  • Cuddly toys (bunny, bear, dog toys, unicorn)
  • Favourite books if your child loves to read (can be paired with a toy to read to!) 
  • Your pet dog
  • Toy camera 
  • Woven basket (with flowers, fruits, toys, or empty!)
  • Items with sentimental value (such as a communion gift) 
  • A musical instrument such as a ukulele 
  • Ballet shoes
  • Boxing gloves / karate gi 
  • Extra clothes of sentimental value (knitted animal hat from Grandma)
  • Outfit change if you have little divas that love photoshoots!

4. Clothes (this is a big one!)

Slightly smarter is always better! Think fashionable but timeless - try and say away from logos, the colour black and from trainers for adults and children. Dads of the world would describe this style as ‘smart casual.’ 

Try and keep to a maximum of three types of colours. Some nice colour combinations are sand/golden colours, whites and blues. Burgundy/maroon is also nice. Light pink/blues/whites work well for a pastel colour palette. Darker, earthy colours are also nice, such as blues, forest greens, golden brown/sand colours, and deep reds or purples for a more autumnal feel. You can never go wrong with colours found in nature. You can take a look at my Pinterest gallery for colour scheme ideas or visit my family portfolio page for inspiration.

Some items are easy to swap out, such as a short sleeve cotton button-up instead of a polo shirt. Braces for younger boys can also look really cute. Flowery, flowy dresses are lovely options, even with a print for girls! If your girls are feeling fancy, feel free to bring an outfit change too. A few photos can even be in a karate gi at the end if this is your child's hobby! Lace, straw hats and other textures can make your photos pop more. Autumnal or winter shoots may include wellies, snuggly woolly hats or flannel shirts. 

Most important of all, wear what you feel most comfortable in!

Many clients send me pictures of outfits or props that they think would work well, so I’ll always be on hand to point you in the right direction. 

5. Printing and Framing Options

Once you have received your gallery, you'll be able to order high-quality prints, hand-crafted framed photos or wall art directly from the gallery through my choice professional supplier.

Loxley Colour is an award-winning, bespoke printing company trusted by the British Institute for Professional Photographers, the Guild of Photographers and the Master Photographers Association.



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