About Me

I'm Liz, a highly experienced London photographer, specialising in families, weddings and events.

I officially graduated with a music degree from King’s College London, but by the time I’d left, I’d helped document the most wonderful moments with virtually every type of society through photography. The university has since become one of my top clients, and trusted referrals from happy people is still my favourite way of meeting new clients.

My portfolio spans a wide range of genres with an emphasis on originality. I run regular photography workshops around London, am able to interact with children and adults of all ages, and love getting to know my clients better. I always take a lot of time to ensure the work I create with each individual is to their requirements and style. 

I'd also like to add that I am 27 years old. I seem to have a face that doesn't age! When I'm not taking pictures of people, I dabble in toy photography (lots of Harry Potter!) and watercolour.

Dabbling in Toy Photography