Preparing for your At-Home Newborn Session

Preparation, style, outfits, props

A newborn photoshoot is a beautiful way to capture the early days of baby's life. Proper preparation can help ensure that the session goes smoothly and results in gorgeous photos to look back on. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you get ready! 

My Style of Shooting

  • I capture baby in arms of parents and family members, baby in his or her cot, natural interactions with siblings, and an at-home-lifestyle of photography that focuses on real moments shared with family members. 
  • I don’t handle baby myself, nor do I mould them into positions. 

1. Preparing Baby & siblings

Feeding: make sure baby is fed before the session to ensure they are full and sleepy. We’ll always work to baby’s schedule, so if he or she is usually very sleepy at a certain time, this is the best time to start!

Nappy changes: Make sure baby has had a nappy change before we start. 

Bribes: if baby is lucky enough to already have older siblings, consider some bribes or non-messy snacks to have on stand-by. Please also make sure that siblings are well-fed and rested before the shoot.

  • Messy snacks to avoid: strawberries, watermelon, yogurt.
  • Snack ideas to bring: crackers, pretzels, granola, dried fruit, sliced apple, veggie sticks (carrots, cucumbers, peppers), stringy cheese.

Clothing: Dress baby in loose clothing to avoid marks on his or her skin. More on that to follow!

Self care: During our session, we'll spend some time focussing on lots of adorable details such as baby's little feet and eyelashes. Occasionally, your hands or feet might also make it into the images! If this is something that's important to you, take a moment for some you-time and pampering before the session, especially after all that hard work of bringing your little one into the world! These sessions are just as much about the whole family.

2. Coordinating outfits and props

Outfits: Choose simple, neutral-coloured outfits without busy patterns. Soft fabrics and textures photograph well. Take a look at this Pinterest gallery for more inspiration. If baby has older siblings, let them pick between two or three outfits / tops, etc that you would be happy for them to wear, so that they feel involved in the process and are excited for the shoot. 

Props: It’s good to have soft, neutral-coloured, forest-coloured, or soft textured blankets on hand, headbands and a soft toy that is special to the family (such as a baptism gift). If there are older siblings involved (up to around 6 years), involve them in the choice process the day before. Let them pick out their favourite toys for baby (but give them options that look aesthetically pleasing to begin with!) and also let them choose their own toys for the photoshoot, so that they don’t feel left out on the day. It’s so important for the whole family to be involved so that the photos are not only lovely images, but lovely memories too. 

Other props to consider

  • A favourite book! It can be something you want he or she to really like when they’re older, it could be a present, it could be a siblings favourite book or it could be something sentimental. 
  • For older siblings, encourage their hobbies and expressions! They could bring their favourite book, balance bike, wooden train set, cuddly toy, rocking horse, or anything that will age well and stand the test of time in years to come.

Extending the family shoot 

  • If you have older siblings who have a favourite hobby such as riding their balance bike, playing toy trains with dad, baking with grandma, or colouring with mum, it’s lovely to capture these moments. Baby’s photoshoot will then become a memory of life during that particular year, and will involve more of the house “as it was” to look back on in fondness. Consider extending the session from 1 hour to 2 if so. 

3. Preparing the Home

We’ll most likely move a few things around a bit to best suit the photos, but before I get there, it’s good idea to do a little spruce up! The images are about baby and family, so we want this to be the focus.

4. Timings & Flexibility

With baby photoshoots, it’s so important to be stress free and flexible with timings! We’ll take it at a much slower pace than an event or party, and allow breathing space and regular breaks for everyone. If baby has older siblings, I might take the time to ask them about school or for them to show me their lego set, so that everybody feels relaxed and at home. If baby wants to cry, it’s ok! I might focus on detail shots of the feet or hands, or we’ll just take a break. 

5. Printing and Framing Options

Once you have received your gallery, you'll be able to order high-quality prints, hand-crafted framed photos or wall art directly from the gallery through my choice professional supplier.

Loxley Colour is an award-winning, bespoke printing company trusted by the British Institute for Professional Photographers, the Guild of Photographers and the Master Photographers Association.



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